Worldwide Business Management (WWB) is a global management Consulting founded and established by a Kurdish Spanish woman of Iraqi descent, Talar Mumtaz Noore, with a strong background in building and growing management systems from the ground up, for multi-national companies in different economic sectors in Europe & Iraq.

WWB offers corporative communication and helps with the managing of both external and internal communications. It strengthens brand and reputation among helpful partners and it provides innovative strategies and advisory, securing a profitable final outcome. WWB’s mission is to set a business standard, to achieve a successful business partnership and accomplish a systematic manner of doing business. The procedure takes place through a considerate work pattern by the use of ethics in business through the empowerment of the people of the community. “We can proudly behold the win-win situation that takes place in society through the use of existing local potential through local manpower sources. The potential of fresh graduates hand in hand with the expertise of our experienced community have led to a higher standard of handy business partnership,” stated Talar Noore.What distinguishes the firm from others is foremost their people. The company has started with fresh graduates in the purpose of bringing out their hidden potential and talents. Every individual provides energetic dedication and passionately strives towards a sustainable impact. It is simply through our consensus, our corporation being dependent on unanimity, and our organized unity that nothing is too much for us to handle.


  Vacancy name HR Specialist Requests to candidates Age: Between 24 – 35 Sex: Male / Female Requests to professional experience: Min.5 years experienced in the field of Retail Recruitment, Training. Education: Min University Graduation Knowledge of a foreign language (required level from 0 to 5): Perfect English, Skills of work on the personal computer:…


Training Courses Food and Beverage Sector

As part of the social responsibility of our company WWB and Pine House coffee break and dining place, we are honored to be able to transmit our knowledge and know- how to our society through our people, therefore, we’re gladly announcing the following free of charge training courses: -Food hygiene: These courses will introduce participants…


A New Restaurant for Suleymaniyah

A new restaurant for Suleymaniyah and another success for us! Worldwide Business Management (WWB) has successfully managed the establishment of the soon-to-come and much anticipated Pine House, an all-in-one, coffee break and dining restaurant. WWB is also looking forward to managing the opening and the running of Pine House, and providing the old and young…